Men’s interest in fashion is growing significantly. The concept of power dressing has caught on in a big way and many popular online magazines and sites are contributing to the interest in wanting to up the ante in the style game. Corporate dressing has undergone a big change with more and more men getting into the specifics of fabrics, colors, cuts and fits. Let’s face it, there’s something incredibly appealing about a man in a well-fitted waistcoat. Both internationally and in India, men are looking more and more dapper as they tune into what fits their bodies best.

Fashion is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of men’s daily lives with an increasing number of men taking steps to look their best. For the corporate male, it is about the latest seasonal designs and how he can carefully project an image of cultivated charm. This includes much more than just etiquette and conduct, the focus is now on bespoke, tailored clothing for men. Inspired by well dressed celebrities and TV show hosts, men are incredibly in-tune with the latest trends in corporate dressing and want to look sharp. The younger generation entering the work force is keen to spend more on clothing that is custom made for them. Men’s retail sales have shown a sharp increase by 4.1% eclipsing the 2.8% rise in women’s retail according to Euromonitor. Many luxury brands like Hermes and Prada are opening luxury boutiques for the style conscious corporate male.

Menswear labels aren’t just focusing on providing fresh takes on how the modern corporate male likes to dress but are also rethinking how men look at shopping. There are several archetypes emerging such as the upscale casual guy (high-cost, high-quality basics), the urban dapper dresser (wearing expensive tailored clothing), and the modern gent (who likes a mix of textures and patterns in their suits). The new generation corporate male has transformed his devotion to more sedate brands. It is no longer only the Italian male that looks for tailored fits and ideal fabric, the present day corporate Indian male is just as stylish and willing to spend to look his best.

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